7 Lessons from Nick Vujicic’s Life Without Limits

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Life without limit is an inspiring book written by Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms and legs. This book is a fusion of his biography and lessons he has learnt along the way. Using his peculiar situation and circumstance and how he overcame his "disability" to live a successful and fulfilling life, with a great deal of humor and real life examples, he teaches principles that will help readers soar above life's challenges and lead a ridiculously good life — the one God has planned for them.

Here are seven  lessons from the book:

1. A Powerful Sense of Purpose

Nick teaches that even though we may have imperfections, we are God's own design —beautiful and precious and worth more than all the diamonds in the world. In fact, our challenges are some of the threads God weaves into the tapestry of our lives and when we choose to focus on what He can do with us instead of how messed up we think our lives are, life becomes meaningful and even suffering takes on a new significance.
"I have a choice. You have a choice. We can choose to dwell on disappointments and shortcomings. We can choose to be bitter, angry, or sad. Or when faced with hard times and hurtful people, we can choose to learn from the experience and move forward, taking responsibility for our own happiness."

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2. Hope so Strong

Another important lesson taught in this amazing book is the need for hope. Hope is where dreams begin and miracles happen only for the hopeful. The author buttresses the necessity of hope by quoting the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr who said "Everything that is done in the world is done by hope". Hope is what gives us the courage to pursue our own dreams irrespective of challenges that may come or doubts that may assail our minds.
"Hope is a catalyst. It can even move obstacles that seem immovable. When you keep pushing, refusing to give up, you create momentum. Hope creates opportunities you never would have anticipated. Helpful people are drawn to you. Doors open. Paths are cleared.
Remember—action brings reaction. When you are tempted to abandon your dreams, push yourself to continue one more day, one more week, one more month, and one more year. You will be amazed at what happens when you refuse to quit."

3. Faith in God and Infinite Possibilities

Faith is God's cure for limited vision. As it is, we do not really know much about our lives or our future and when unexpected circumstances come, the natural reaction is fear and dread. Nick however suggests a better alternative which is faith in God and the invisible.
"Just as we must have oxygen to live, we must trust in certain unseen realities to survive. Why? Because we all face challenges. You have them. I have them. There simply are times in our lives when we can’t see a way out, and that is where faith comes in."
"You will encounter challenges that initially seem insurmountable. While we wait for a solution, faith may be all we have to hang on to, and sometimes simply trusting that there will be an answer will get you through those darkest moments. That is why I talk about FAITH as an acronym: Full Assurance In The Heart. I may not be able to produce evidence for all that I believe in, but I feel fully assured in my heart that I am much closer to the truth by living with faith than I would be by living in despair."

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5. A Right Attitude

Fulfilment in life in the face of unfavorable situations and challenges demands a right attitude. Our attitude to life determines our altitude in life, Nick says. The right attitude helps us "reframe" our experience —with an optimistic outlook we can make the best use of our situation. Important attitudes we need to adopt include the attitude of gratitude, action, empathy and forgiveness. These attitudes are not easy to come by as the natural tendency is to throw a pity party and feel sorry for oneself. However gratitude is a manifestation of faith where we trust God to be in charge of our lives even though we do not understand what is happening.

Hope is a catalyst. It can even move obstacles that seem immovable. HT @nickvujicic Click To Tweet

6. A Courageous Spirit

While all the aforementioned principles are quite important, fear can decimate all our dreams. Fear is a poor motivator and a life lived or controlled by fear will not be a full or satisfying one. Instead of focusing on the what ifs of fear, Nick exhorts us to think about the why nots of courage.

"You can’t possibly have an enjoyable and fulfilling life if you are paralyzed by fear of what might happen someday, somewhere, maybe, somehow. If we all stayed in our beds every day because we were afraid of being struck by lightning or bitten by a malaria mosquito, it would be a pretty sad world, wouldn’t it?"

7. Willingness to Change

When life deals one a card that ruins one's hand and upsets one's plans, rather than play the blame game, one must take responsibility and positively readjust to the new change. Change however can be a scary or daunting experience which is why most of us are change resistant. Nevertheless, while we can't control external change, a happy and fulfilling life demands that we change on the inside.
The five stages for positive change include recognising the need for change, envisioning something new, letting go of the old, getting settled and to keep growing.

These principles and others are explained with vivid example throughout the book; ultimately, one learns that irrespective of one's circumstances or challenges, one can choose to live a full, successful and happy life.

Ayomipo Jeremiah Amiola is the Medical Officer-in-Residence at the Owode Egba General Hospital Owode Egba Ogun State, Nigeria. Passionate about Public Health, he is a strong advocate of Public Health education and Community Mobilisation for the achievement of Health for All. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook,

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