6 Secrets to Startup Success


A Review of 6 Secrets to Startup Success

by Grace Daramola

Imagine that you started a new venture or business. You are hopeful.The excitement of doing what you’ve always dreamt of kicks in and takes you to new highs. Suddenly, your positive feelings crash. You begin to feel enervated, like a failure. You begin to ask yourself what went wrong and who’s responsible for your inability to sustain your enthusiasm and momentum.

Does this sound like you?

For more than twenty years John Bradberry has acted as a business advisor and strategist for over a thousand leaders, helping them improve their performance, He decided to become an author in 2011. His book, 6 Secrets to Startup Success, has proven itself to be a solidly practical manual for entrepreneurs, business leaders, career people, and professionals. The book urges young entrepreneurs to hold on to their vision and with passion, make these dreams a reality. Mr. Bradberry maintains that passion is the most important factor in business success, such that the entrepreneur who is possessed with the passion for his craft, trade or business has a critical success-defining advantage. He, however, cautions entrepreneurs that the advantages of fervent commitment can also be disadvantageous to them, causing them to be led astray. He advises that fiery passion is to be tempered with balance; hence the need for wisdom and wise counsel.

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One of the most arresting features of Mr. Bradberry's book is the use of entertaining and compelling stories with the entrepreneur as the central character. This helps humanize his teaching, giving the characters a name and a face and making it easier for us to empathize, relate and learn from them.

6 Secrets to Startup Success is a great eye opener for entrepreneurs. It gives the reader a more balanced view of passion, by providing another perspective to it. Most books portray passion as that all-powerful provider of courage, energy and will to conquer and that only, but it has taken the tremendous insights of Mr. Bradberry to demonstrate to us that passion can also cause its possessor to be blind and deaf to helpful data, putting him/her in a vulnerable position for a fall.

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The author goes on to give insights on what his readers must avoid in order to make their startup ventures successful, maintaining the need for a psychological openness that prevents a sad and fatal distortion of reality. I strongly recommend it for anyone, entrepreneur, business leader, or career person, who has to use passion as a tool for greater accomplishment and productivity.

In conclusion, I must add that 6 Secrets to Startup Success deserves a place on the shelves where the most honest and practically helpful books are kept, to be picked and studied in depth by those who want to shun illusions and delusions, to face the stark truth in their pursuit of success and productivity. If you belong to this category, this is indeed a book for you.

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