Beyond Branding edited by: Nicholas Ind

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By Oluwagbemiga Ojubanire.

Branding has been widely discussed by authors but Beyond Branding: How the New Values of Transparency and Integrity Are Changing the World of Brands, took the perspective of branding beyond the walls of the organisation. A terrific league of authors with balanced lines of professionalism, expertise and experience fit for addressing the subject matter.

The book is a complete and holistic redefinition of branding. A brand according to Nicholas is something that is owned by buyers and other stakeholders and usually sustained by trust. The book looks into branding and brand experience taking into account the past, present and the best positions organisations should assume to give their brand the real face of branding. The analytics of Allan on brand narcissism, Simon and Sicco on good brand among others and especially Thomas on leadership branding can’t be overstated.Leadership is much about branding as much as branding is about leadership. Ian Ryder gives branding a holistic social meaning, he opines that brand management is much of managing the society. Each of the contributors gave depths to various aspects of branding making the book a complete compendium of knowledge as far as branding is concerned.

Beyond branding strongly emphasised transparency, honesty and integrity as backbones for establishing an organization-stakeholders relationship.

This book entirely redefines branding to both managers and clientele. I see this book as opening and giving insight to the field of” societal branding – a social concept definition of branding” for both professionals and academics.“ …..engaging the society and solving real problems in the world”.

However, the book has top managers and senior professionals at heart than it does the budding managers and professional hence, it will take extra effort for such managers to adapt the priceless wisdom of the book to little enterprises.

Conclusively, the objectivity and maturity of the authors are immense. I will recommend the book to corporate and enterprise leaders and policy makers in all spheres.

Oluwagbemiga Ojubanire is a lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife Nigeria. he is also a project management professional with 4 years experience in human capital projects, a trainer with a special interest in leadership enterprise development.www.









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