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Welcome to October

Welcome to the tenth month of the Gregorian calendar. We are gradually coming to the end of 2017. We also want to use this opportunity to say 57 happy cheers to Nigeria, slowly but surely Nigeria will get there. Just like yesterday, we all shouted happy new year but here we are in the last…
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[Book Review] If we must thrive, we must have endings

The end of poverty brings wealth. The end of childhood brings adulthood. The end of a war is peace, the end of a month ushers in a new month we can go on and on but one thing is certain: endings are a fact of life. In Necessary Endings, Dr. Henry Cloud teaches that when…
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What Joseph Udofia can teach us about oil recovery

Joseph Udofia has with his dissertation, Simulation of CO2 Injection in the Niger Delta, made a significant contribution to the arsenal of knowledge on combating climate change. The studious and intelligent graduate of Petroleum Engineering explores the possibility of trapping the gas (which is usually released into the atmosphere) and putting it to productive use…
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Don’t let others rent space in your head

Don't Let Others Rent Space in Your Head: Your Guide to Living Well, Overcoming Obstacles, and Winning at Everything in Life is a book for people who are tired of where they are, who are willing to hear the truth and ready to take steps. Most people, if not all, desire to live well and…
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