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Everyday skills, hacks and tools to learn in March

Living life requires some getting used to. There are always things to be learnt that really can make life easier. This month is a good time to learn new skills. Below is a list that you can pick from. 1. Cooking – This one is first on the list because food is important. Everyone eats…
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Fun Facts Friday; The Origins of The Chainsaw

Its Fun Facts Friday! Did you know that the chainsaw was originally invented to assist in childbirth? You don’t see how they relate, right? Let me explain. In early times, giving birth could only be done through the birth canal, caesarian sections were not a thing yet. This is normal, except that the process is…
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Tips; How Google Map Predicts Traffic

On your way back from work, you check your phone to know which route(s) is free so you can avoid traffic congestion. There are usually many flashpoints of congestion, especially during peak hours, which you wouldn't want to get caught up in. This is the routine for many people living in busy cities like Lagos…
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Parenting: Should you look through your child’s journal?

Parenting can be a bumpy roller-coaster ride. You can never really know or control everything your offspring does. All you can do is provide them with as much guidance and support as you possibly can. It is within this vein that the question of looking through your child's journal arises. A journal is a safe…
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