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Generational Wealth; Leaving a Legacy Behind

One's ultimate goal in life is intertwined with an individual pursuit of happiness. We are all striving to attain some level of satisfaction and success. It is that pursuit that gives our life meaning. It is what gets you out of bed in the morning, and it's what you dream of when you’re asleep. Subsequently,…
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The Company Man vs The Entrepreneur

Yes, this age-old argument lives on. The pros and cons of both have been repeatedly dissected and yet opinion remains divided. Which is the advisable route; the company man, or the entrepreneur? The company man is simply the employee. He/she works for the business owner, and reports to a superior or authoritative body. The company man earns…
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Changing Career Paths: What you Need to Know

The widespread implications of the pandemic in the economy has provoked people to rethink their career choice. The vulnerability of the travel and hospitality industry, for instance, is painfully evident. This has led to people venturing into new career paths in search of stability. Consequently, there are a few things to consider when changing career…
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What Your Outfit Tells Others About You

Physical appearance is one of the major determinants of the public perception of an individual. Your outfit tells a story people are always ready to listen to. The right outfit can get you to places the same way the wrong one can get you kicked out. Clothing choices as minute as sock selection tell the…
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