Welcome to a June of No Fear


We are in the middle of the year. Welcome to the sixth month in 2017. We appreciate all our companions in the month of freedom (May).  We believe you must have learnt what it means to be free. To our new friends, we say welcome on board! We want to assure you that we'll have an awesome time together in the month of June.

This month, we'll be dealing with one factor that has limited most people in taking steps and accomplishing what they so badly wish for --- that is FEAR. Most dreams, beautiful ideas and so on have been aborted because of fear.  Find out what it means to be afraid and how to deal with it in our reviews, tips, quotes, and authors’ interview.

Our weekend Teaser will take a beautiful quiz form and, trust us, you get to have fun, and get rewarded while doing so.

Welcome to June, a month in which fear will be surmounted!

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