A toast to a wonderful 2017

2017 for me is undoubtedly one of those years to remember forever. From the gift of my little one to the many highs and lows, all I can do is to look back and be thankful.

I am not where I want to be, but I am grateful and thankful that I am not where I used to be. @mrolugbenga Click To Tweet

This note is mostly to say thank you to all those who contributed to our brand in 2017, especially those who believe in us at these early stages.

I’ve always heard about focus, but it has never been so real to me as it has been in 2017. I focused so much on building some things that I forgot about a lot of other things and a lot of people. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Mind your business”, that’s all I did all through 2017.

More than any other thing, I desperately wanted to separate the company from myself, build a team of "A" professionals and deliver the company’s first product. 3 simple tasks I thought, I said to myself, “How hard could it be?”, I really didn’t realize how tasking, tough and educating the journey would turn out to be. Little did I know that 2017 was going to shake me, break me, then put me back together.

12 months gone, I’ve learned a lot of lessons and I’ve grown. I think the most difficult part of this year for me has been WAITING! Waiting for other people to deliver their work, waiting for the bank account officer to do his job, waiting for a document from a government agency, waiting for a client to make payment as promised.

What do you do when you’ve done all you’re supposed to do but a piece of the puzzle is still missing and all you can do is wait? @mrolugbenga Click To Tweet

Next to waiting was sending reminders for task completion. Many times I felt horrible, calling and sending messages a million times just so tasks are completed. Many of such messages were sent at uncomfortable periods for the recipients but it had to be done. I never really thought I could become a pest, but I did become one in 2017, a cute looking one! LOL!

Marketing randomly was a way of life in 2017. Of note was a particular professor we’ve been running after for weeks, we wanted him on the platform, we’ve heard a lot about him and his works and we had initially sent a known contact to him, which yielded negative results. I finally got his contact information and decided to send him messages first (Didn’t want to invade his privacy, decided to get talking first before showing up), introducing my self, the platform, where we started from and how far we’ve come.

Over 70 lines of well crafted and well-formatted texts later, he replied with “Great”, without answering any of my questions or showing any interest whatsoever. Apart from those who didn’t bother to even respond, and those who outrightly and bluntly told me to stop contacting them, this was another low point in my marketing “career" in 2017. I simply “carried my L” and moved on. After all, what would life be without rejections?  Must be un-amusing!

Huge lesson learned; rejection is part of progress! @mrolugbenga Click To Tweet

Let me say a big thank you to my team for their humor, especially times when I was obviously impossible to deal with.

Itua who against all odds remained invaluable to the team, working at odd times and with tough deadlines to meet up with tasks, even with a full-time job.

Usman who against personal issues I cannot mention in this post stood by the team and put in everything to push us forward. Working with me for more than 10 hours stretch on Saturdays and even Sundays, working late into the night on weekdays just so we can have a working product, yet with a full-time job at hand.

Grace, a woman of substance and integrity, who took a WordPress design and turned it into a full-blown blog. Always going beyond the call of duty and delivering on tasks. Every time I remember the day we first spoke about the blog idea, it puts a smile on my face to see how far you have taken it.

Philip, my right-hand man, who I cannot find words to describe his commitment, going against all odds to deliver and deliver well. I’ve been encouraged many times this year by his unfailing and undying commitment, even when we were both tired & broke! One day, I’ll gather words to tell the amazing story of “how we met”. Pun intended!

To Mayowa, my friend, and brother who designs our graphics. Thanks for the privilege you’ve given me to always bully you into delivering at the shortest timelines and thank you for being ever reliable.

I’m also saying a big thank you to my wife, who endured staying up till late with our little pumpkin, waiting for me to return home. You’ve been a rock and an encouragement to me, especially times I didn’t have attention to give.

To all those who contributed on our blog this year, I say a big thank you.

Gbenga Ojubanire, who “carried our matter on his head” without any form of payment, Amarachi Obiego, Dr. Ayomipo Amiola, Osho Samuel, Habib Kolade, Fidelis Bonaventure and Leke Baiyewu, to mention a few. You guys don’t know how much you mean to us as a brand, I celebrate you all!

To our early adopters, those who gave us their intellectual property when all we had was a promise, you’re our real rock stars in 2017; I say a big thank you.

To all those who took time to create an account on Panacea, only to meet the final screen that we weren’t totally ready for readers. Thank you for your patience, if only you could see the blood and sweat behind the scenes, you’d know we do not take you for granted and that we will do anything to put smiles on your faces.

To our followers on social media platforms and those who always share and retweet our posts and to those who never get tired of reading from us, thanks for lending us a hand.

2017 has been a great year for us and we acknowledge that we couldn’t have come this far without great people like you all. @mrolugbenga Click To Tweet

As 2018 arrives in a few days, we are set to solidify our work from 2015-2017. To give you a preview, the following will be happening in 2018:

  • Richer content on our blog.
  • Big organizations coming on board on our library.
  • The final phase of development on version one and background work on version 2 of our software.
  • The release of a surprise new product module built into our library. (Don’t try to guess)
  • Third party event sponsorship.
  • Panacea Events.
  • And of course, our team and operations will expand a bit more.

I thank you all for supporting this vision all through 2017, I ask you for your continued support as we aim higher in 2018.

Compliments of the season to you all. Have a super fantastic 2018. @mrolugbenga Click To Tweet


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