Rising above Barriers

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Thirty days has September, April  June and November, all the rest have thirty one… yes we are in September the ninth month in the year 2017. We want to officially welcome you to this month.

The month of August was so eventful at Panacea. Thank you for being there. In the past month we learnt that we should take steps. This month we will be breaking through barriers and rising above limits.

As humans, we are faced with challenges in various forms however with the same mission – to stop us from accomplishing all we want to achieve. It is important to know that you can change the mission of those barriers or limitations by rising above them.

Rising above barriers, limitations or challenges simply shows that they are not strong enough to hold you down. So rather than being obstacles to your success, they become stepping stones to your success.

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We have great books that we will recommend you read through our book reviews, so that you can be better equipped with the necessary tips that will help you pass through or rise above the limitations that have held other people bound on their journey to destiny.

With our daily quotes on social media you will be inspired by words that will help you daily. Don’t miss the profiles of amazing authors in this month of September.  Also look out for the author of the month.

In case you have not signed up on Panacea as an author or a reader kindly do so. Have a great September ahead.




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