Panacea E-Testing Platform for Institutions and Organizations

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The ongoing corona-virus pandemic has the world leaning heavily on its digital capabilities like never before. Even afterwards, it would definitely influence general perceptions on social interaction. This means we would be dependent on technology more and more in the coming years. Virtual alternatives are already quickly becoming the go-to options, and the lock-down has acted as an accelerant.

Testing & assessment is one of the areas which would be affected, as viable alternatives to crowded test halls become the preferred option. It is here that Panacea comes in with the Panacea Testing Platform. Schools, institutions, and organizations can all benefit from a full infrastructure that supports the testing process.

The Panacea Testing platform provides all your assessment and testing needs in a neat, complete package. We provide full infrastructure and support for administering tests and exams for various users and purposes. From recruitment tests to psycho-metrics and aptitude tests, the Panacea Testing Platform has you covered. The platform also caters to institutions and organizations looking to conduct academic tests, employee evaluation or professional exams.

The Panacea Testing Platform is the complete testing package wrapped in an affordable bundle.

We employ a very inclusive user-friendly platform to please experienced hands and ease first-time digital users. Our user-interface is easy to navigate and is fully compatible with a wide range of devices of choice. We also provide flexible testing parameters -  our free API’s can be used to integrate tests so they can be taken on your platform.

Amazing, right? Well, there is even more.

At Panacea we are all about customer satisfaction, so we added a few more interesting features and benefits.

  • Full Access Control: Your tests can be made public or held privately at your discretion.
  • Scalability: We provide a variety of plans to suit your budget whether you’re testing ten or a hundred people.
  • Statistics:  All results and questions can be reviewed per user to compare performance and get valuable insights.
  • Feedback: Users receive automatic feedback to ease their online learning experience.
  • Backup: All your data is securely backed up on the cloud to prevent loss and facilitate easy access anytime, anywhere.

These are just some of the benefits and advantages that our users get to experience with our testing platform. So, take the bold step and join our community today!

Visit Panacea Testing Platform and let’s get to work.

Stay safe.

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