An April of Productivity

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I want to officially welcome you to this awesome month of April. Thank you so much for being a great asset to Panacea. I must say that your followership and constant visits to the blog has kept it alive.

In this month of April, we will be guided by the compass of PRODUCTIVITY. This is our theme for the month and it will guide all our activities through the month of April.
We believe that this theme is so timely and here is why:

  1. We all started this year with high hopes and the first quarter just ended according to the Gregorian calendar. Goals have been set,  targets have been concluded but somehow enthusiasm to push further is beginning to dwindle, especially for those who experienced some setbacks in the first quarter.
  2. This platform will be a month old on the 6th of April 2017, we're super excited about this, we're grateful you've been visiting  and we're also seeking new avenues to serve you better. So as you're becoming more productive this month through out Posts/Book Reviews, Teasers and other activities, be sure that we are also becoming more productive as a platform and putting things in place to deliver more value to you.

Maybe you might not have experienced any loss of enthusiasm this year, you are still optimistic and full of energy, working so hard but not getting the desired results.
In this month, we will be helping you with keys that will help you spend the rest of the 273 days left in this year and subsequent years to come flying high as an achiever.

We will be reviewing great books on productivity by awesome minds. Do you want to know what productive people do? Don’t miss our posts; do you want to live a productive life? Be ready to follow recommendations. Also, we will be sharing powerful tools that will help you chart your desired course effectively

We will be your daily companion by giving you sizzling quotes that will help you in your journey to productivity.

If you think you know so much about productivity, please follow us closely, we need you to rub off on others in our community and learn a few new tricks yourself too.

Finally, I want to say congratulation to Ajayi Hannah Bunmi for emerging as the winner in the (April 1/2) Weekend Teaser. You can be our next winner too, watch out for the (April 8/9) Weekend Teaser, it promises to be more exciting.
Have a productive April Ahead.

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